Georgia Ticket Splitters

A Pollster’s Guide to the Georgia Runoff

In this study, we take a closer look at the Kemp + Warnock ticket spitters from the midterm general elections. Our founder and CEO, David Burrell, will share insight on key findings when looking at a subset of respondents across 5 different polls conducted by the Wick Insights team. Who are these ticket splitters and what might we expect from them on December 6?

New Research: Georgia Ticket Splitters

The Georgia Runoff comes down to one question: At what rate will the Kemp + Warnock ticket splitters turn out to vote? Within our 5 rounds of surveys conducted in Georgia, we had 354 respondents who stated they would vote for Republican Governor Brian Kemp and also indicated intent to vote for Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock. What are some of the key findings when looking at this particular group of people?  Click below to view the topline results of this subset voters.

July – Oct

Ticket Splitters

Kemp + Warnock Voters

Sample Size


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