Opinion Research powered by technology

Truth as a Service™

Wick Insights is a new breed of opinion research agency powered by technology.

Our team of researchers, creatives, and technologists combine to provide opinion research through a software platform designed to keep costs low, accuracy high, and the spotlight on breakthrough moments.

How much is TikTok driving awareness of political events?

In the April edition of Truth On-Demand™, Wick’s monthly omnibus survey of registered voters, we continue to explore the role that TikTok plays in shaping the political perspective of young voters by diving deeper and measuring awareness of current political events amongst TikTok users and those who do not use TikTok.

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Truth as a Service™

Good public opinion research cuts through today’s noise and agenda, and it gets to the truth that lives in the public’s hearts and minds. Wick’s tech-powered research offerings shine light on this truth in a fast and affordable way.

Custom Survey Research

We conduct polling, concept testing, and impact measurement studies across multiple modes with unmatched speed, accuracy and affordability.

Product Highlights

  • Polling
  • Concept Testing
  • Impact Measurement
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Survey Subscription Programs

Pick from a selection of State and National Programs that are already packed with strategy-defining questions for polling/message testing or deep dives into hot-topic issues.

Product Highlights

  • State and National in-depth polling
  • State and National Omnibus
  • One of a kind persuasion testing
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“In-House” Research Team

Add a Full Service Insights department to your organization at a low monthly rate. Our fractional consulting model is the new, improved “retainer.” A full stack team will be inserted into your Slack, Microsoft, and email channels.

Product Highlights

  • Build Proposals
  • Attend Strategy Calls
  • Extended Service Products
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Automate the day-to-day of opinion research

Breakthrough Research Technology

Our technology automates a large portion of the day-to-day tasks involved with traditional research projects; keeping costs low, accuracy high, and the spotlight on breakthrough discoveries that can make a huge impact on your campaign outcome.

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