About Us

Wick Insights is a Voice of Market research agency with a primary focus on public opinion. In partnership with our parent technology company, our mission is to accelerate the public opinion industries transition to more accurate and more accessible insights. As a result, our clients experience a faster, more affordable, and more actionable insights experience than ever before possible.

Meet our Team

Read our whole story, meet all of our founders, and our full team at our parent company’s website: www.wick.io

David Burrell

Founder & President

Angie Petitti

Director of Marketing

Janey Hughes

Director of Sampling

Peyton Dunlap

Director of Research

Haley Cutright

Research Associate

Stephanie Heinrich

Head of Operations

Wick Founders

Learn more about our parent technology company Wick.

David Burrell

CEO & Co-Founder

Chris DeVed

President & Co-Founder

Blaise Pericas

Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder