New Poll: How much is TikTok driving awareness of political events?

In the April edition of Truth On-Demand™, Wick's monthly omnibus survey of registered voters, we continue to explore the role that TikTok plays in shaping the political perspective of young voters by diving deeper and measuring awareness of current political events amongst TikTok users and those who do not use TikTok.

David Burrell

by David Burrell, CEO at Wick

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April Omnibus Insights: Exploring TikTok’s Role in Shaping the Political Perspectives of Young Voters

In the March issue of Truth On-Demand™, our team made a significant observation – TikTok was generating unprecedented levels of awareness among young voters about a contemporary political event that would not typically capture their attention: The GOP Congressional Hearings (view insight).

Intrigued, we investigated further, and in the April edition, we applied the same analytical approach to multiple contemporary events. Remarkably, TikTok users exhibited higher levels of awareness for all but one event (SVB collapse). After examining the eleven contemporary events closer, we found that TikTok users consistently showed higher awareness levels, ranging from 5 to 10 points. Notably, for the Willow project and protests in France, the gap was even more significant, with TikTok users exhibiting 20 and 11 points higher awareness respectively.

What’s new for the May Omnibus?

In the upcoming month, we are expanding the results of our Truth On-Demand™ Omnibus by incorporating data enrichment for each respondent, which will add numerous new data points for analysis. This exciting enhancement is a result of collaboration with our sister Research Technology company, Wick, which has developed a feature that connects to survey data and then finds the respondents in other consumer and geo-relational data sources. This feature appends the new data points in crosstab-ready formats onto the survey dataset, enabling us to provide a higher level of insights and accuracy.

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