NEW VIDEO: Wick Insights CEO David Burrell on Four Election Outcomes

Industry-Leading Pollster Breaks Down Several Election Outcomes and What They Mean for the Future of Polling

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, November 8, 2022

(ATLANTA, GA) – In a new video, David Burrell, CEO of Wick Insights, a FiveThirtyEight A/B-rated polling firm, breaks down four high-level election outcomes, several of which challenge conventional narratives.

  1. Outcome 1: The current polling averages are right.
  2. Outcome 2: Republicans outperform the current polling averages by 3-5 points.
  3. Outcomes 3 & 4: Either Democrats or Republicans significantly outperform any poll predictions we have seen in the last 30 days. 

“No matter the outcome, there is an inaccurate narrative that Republican candidates have surged eight, or even ten, points in a mere 30 days across the country. This simply isn’t the case,” said Mr. Burrell. “In our video, we walk through what has really happened as we look at all of the forces that are driving the major gaps between the polling predictions and any of these four voting outcomes.”

David Burrell is available for interviews and bookings November 8-11.

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