Opinion Research powered by technology

Truth as a Service™

Wick Insights is a new breed of opinion research agency powered by technology.

Our team of researchers, creatives, and technologists combine to provide opinion research through a software platform designed to keep costs low, accuracy high, and the spotlight on breakthrough moments.

Our Offerings

Good public opinion research cuts through today’s noise and agenda, and it gets to the truth that lives in the public’s hearts and minds. Wick’s tech-powered research offerings shine light on this truth in a fast and affordable way.

Custom Survey Research

We conduct polling, concept testing, and impact measurement studies across multiple modes with unmatched speed, accuracy and affordability.

Product Highlights

  • Polling
  • Concept Testing
  • Impact Measurement
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Survey Subscription Program

Be a part of our National Omnibus Program that is packed with strategy-defining questions for polling/message testing or deep dives into hot-topic issues.

Product Highlights

  • National in-depth polling
  • Deep dive into hot-topic issues
  • One of a kind persuasion testing
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“In-House” Research Team

Add a Full Service Insights department to your organization at a low monthly rate. Our fractional consulting model is the new, improved “retainer.” A full stack team will be inserted into your Slack, Microsoft, and email channels.

Product Highlights

  • Build Proposals
  • Attend Strategy Calls
  • Extend Service Products
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Custom Survey Research

Covering all facets of research, from methodology to questionnaire design and data analysis, Wick is the only research partner you need. With live agents, online panels, IVR, text-to-web expertise, our multimodal platform is engineered to fit all types of research objectives and budgets.

Consultants (Public Affairs, Political, & Marketing)

Whether you are looking to bring insights in house, are looking for a new full-service insights partner, or just need some help executing data collection, our company is exactly what you need. We have dozens of clients for whom we are experienced in playing all of these rolls at the best prices in the industry.

Research Agencies

We might seem like competitors, but working with Research Agencies might be our biggest passion to incorporate new data collection, processing, and enrichment techniques and technology. In Spring of 2023 we are launching our new Wick 2.0 platform as a SaaS solution to help all Voice of Market researchers like shift the focus from task aggravations to insight revelations.

Media Outlets

Our insights are as fast as the news cycle. With the technology powering our survey work, you receive live toplines and crosstabs from the minute we start fielding. Additionally, your team has access to the easiest-to-use data visualization tools in the industry for diving deeper both during and after a project. With us as your partner, you can start creating better narratives laced with deeper insights just hours after we enter into the field.

Non Profits

Although our company does not directly work for political campaigns, we provide all of our insight services for trade groups, issue groups, and political leadership groups for a wide range of issues on every side of the ideological spectrum.

Survey Subscription Programs

Wick’s subscription survey programs are driven by our vision of the 80/20 rule. 80% of the research you need to drive your objectives at 20% of the cost you would normally pay.

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Truth On Demand tool

Truth On-Demand™

Get ahead of the conversation on up-to-the-minute matters with Truth On-Demand™. Subscribe to our National Omnibus program where we track the key figures, races, and issues that will define the next election cycle, and beyond. Our National Omnibus program runs the first week of each month and is designed with the flexibility to add both custom polling and message/ad testing questions at an affordable cost.

New tool for opinion research


Now Available!

Citizen Viewpoints

Wick’s latest innovation in opinion research is the Citizen Viewpoints Project- a new starting point for strategic messaging and public opinion forecasting on an issues possible legislative and judicial outcomes. Citizen Viewpoints is a year long project where we will go issue by issue and stance by stance to create the insights needed to disrupt the messaging echo chamber.

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Focus Group call to gather opinion research

“In-House” Research Team

Add a Full Service Insights department to your organization at a low monthly rate. Our fractional consulting model is the new, improved “retainer.” A full stack team will be inserted into your Slack, Microsoft, and email channels so we can build proposals, get on strategy calls, and provide our extended service products, including memos and decks, at no additional cost.

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