End to End Automation

Wick Insights uses parent company’s Voice of Market platform to automate the traditionally complex multi-partner process of market research. With it comes complete control and full transparency every step of the way, so you’ll get to breakthrough moments faster.

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Success Stories from Our Team

Public Opinion research comes with so many challenges. There are multiple respondent sources, multiple modes of data collection, low incidence rates, targetted geographies, and incredibly tight deadlines just to name a few. Since 2018 we have worked with our technology team to automate the solutions to those complex challenges. Watch our videos to see just how game-changing it has been for our team and our clients.

Calculate feasibility and 
project cost in minutes

Watch how Haley used Wick’s Market Builder and Respondent Calculator features to determine feasibility and calculate total project cost for her super complicated project in a matter of minutes!

Discover and illuminate 
patterns in your datasets

Watch how Peyton discovered a key insight using Wick’s Market Data Appends feature that ultimately allowed her to correct abnormalities in her survey in the field.

Say goodbye to daily data 

The Wick Transformer is about as close to magic as it gets. Watch how it’s used to build a Respondent Table that powered Janey with weighted data in real time, allowing her to make corrections as she fielded and translate that data into a live Topline Report.